How This Blog Works

There are a lot of food blogs out there, so I didn’t want to start just any old food blog. I wanted this one to be different.

This blog is meant to be an honest, no-nonsense place for you to learn about someone’s real-life experience with recipes.

What will this blog not have?

  • Long posts about my day
  • A whole bunch of pictures of the baking/cooking process
  • Reproduced recipes from other blogs and websites
  • Pictures taken by other people

Basically, I want my blog to get to the point. So many times I’ve clicked on a link to a recipe and had to scroll through a ton of content before I found what I was after—the recipe. I don’t like that, so you won’t see that on my blog.

Granted, those blogs are fun to read, and there’s nothing wrong with them. But I usually don’t have the time to read them, and my computer gets really slow while I scroll down to the recipe.

So, here’s my blog, with short, to-the-point posts about recipes that are and aren’t great. I hope you enjoy it!

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